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  Webcam Namibia, Gondwana Cañon Park: Canon Roadhouse
  Webcam Namibia, Kanzoni: Okavango River
  Webcam Namibia, Khorixas: Panorama View
  Webcam Namibia, Namib Desert: Namib Desert Lodge
  Webcam Namibia, Swakopmund: Swakopmund Jetty
  Webcam Namibia, Swakopmund: Swakopmund Mole
  Webcam Namibia, Walvis Bay: Sky above Walvis Bay
  Webcam Namibia, Windhoek: Weathercam
  Webcam Netherlands, 's-Gravenzande: Weathercam 's-Gravenzande
  Webcam Netherlands, 't Horntje (Texel): Ferry Terminal
  Webcam Netherlands, 't Zandt: Weathercam
  Webcam Netherlands, Alkmaar: TC Alkmaar
  Webcam Netherlands, Alphen aan den Rijn: Weathercams
  Webcam Netherlands, Amsterdam: Harbor-Webcams
  Webcam Netherlands, Amsterdam: Amstel and Magere Brug
  Webcam Netherlands, Amsterdam: Schiphol Airport
  Webcam Netherlands, Amsterdam: Amstel Canal
  Webcam Netherlands, Amsterdam: Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
  Webcam Netherlands, Amsterdam: Amsterdam Dam
  Webcam Netherlands, Amsterdam: W Amsterdam
  Webcam Netherlands, Apeldoorn: Apeldoorn Weathercam
  Webcam Netherlands, Arnhem: N224 Papendal, Arnhem
  Webcam Netherlands, Barendrecht: Carnisselande Weather
  Webcam Netherlands, Beerta: View over Beerta
  Webcam Netherlands, Bergen aan Zee: Beach of Bergen aan Zee
  Webcam Netherlands, Breda: Mastbosch
  Webcam Netherlands, Breezand: Strandpaviljoen Breezand
  Webcam Netherlands, Breskens: View over the Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Brielle: Center
  Webcam Netherlands, Cadzand-Bad: Beach of Cadzand
  Webcam Netherlands, Callantsoog: Beach Panorama
  Webcam Netherlands, Camperduin: Livesteam Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Castricum aan Zee: Livestream Deining aan Zee
  Webcam Netherlands, Colijnsplaat: Colijnsplaat Marina
  Webcam Netherlands, De Koog (Texel): Livestream North Sea
  Webcam Netherlands, De Koog (Texel): Strandpaviljoen Paal 17
  Webcam Netherlands, Delft: Delft Market
  Webcam Netherlands, Delfzijl: Delfzijl Port
  Webcam Netherlands, Den Helder: Hotel Lands End
  Webcam Netherlands, Den Helder: Ferry to Texel
  Webcam Netherlands, Den Helder: Livestream Port
  Webcam Netherlands, Den Hoorn (Texel): Strandpaviljoen Paal 9
  Webcam Netherlands, Domburg: Hotel Nehalennia Domburg
  Webcam Netherlands, Domburg: Badhotel Domburg
  Webcam Netherlands, Domburg: View over Domburg
  Webcam Netherlands, Domburg: Beachview
  Webcam Netherlands, Domburg: Beachview
  Webcam Netherlands, Domburg: Beachview Noordduine
  Webcam Netherlands, Dordrecht: Wantij River
  Webcam Netherlands, Drimmelen: Nieuwe Jachthaven
  Webcam Netherlands, Egmond aan Zee: Livestream of the Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Egmond aan Zee: Pompplein
  Webcam Netherlands, Egmond aan Zee: Beachcam
  Webcam Netherlands, Egmond aan Zee: Weatherstation Egmond aan Zee
  Webcam Netherlands, Egmond aan Zee: Lighthouse 'JCJ van Speijk'
  Webcam Netherlands, Egmond aan Zee: Webcam Zilvermeeuw
  Webcam Netherlands, Egmond aan Zee: BeachcamHolland Egmond aan Zee
  Webcam Netherlands, Eindhoven: Livestream Market Square
  Webcam Netherlands, Elburg: Harbour Elburg
  Webcam Netherlands, Gouda: Gouda City Hall
  Webcam Netherlands, Gouda: View from the new City Hall
  Webcam Netherlands, Groede: Strandcamping Groede
  Webcam Netherlands, Groenlo: N319 Landbouwpasseerhavens
  Webcam Netherlands, Groningen: Grote Markt
  Webcam Netherlands, Groningen: Grote Markt
  Webcam Netherlands, Groningen: Oranjebuurt Groningen
  Webcam Netherlands, Grootegast: Weerstation Grootegast
  Webcam Netherlands, Haarlem: Grote Markt
  Webcam Netherlands, Harderwijk: N302 Aqueduct Harderwijk
  Webcam Netherlands, Harlingen: Port Entrance
  Webcam Netherlands, Heerde: N794b Transferium Busstation
  Webcam Netherlands, Hilversum: Zeverijn Park
  Webcam Netherlands, Hilversum: Zeverijn Park, North-East
  Webcam Netherlands, Hindeloopen: Ijsselmeer
  Webcam Netherlands, Hoek van Holland: Beach View
  Webcam Netherlands, Hoek van Holland: WaterwegCam
  Webcam Netherlands, Hoek van Holland: Livesteam Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Hoek van Holland: Zon & Zand
  Webcam Netherlands, Huisduinen: Beach towards North
  Webcam Netherlands, Huisduinen: Beach towards South
  Webcam Netherlands, IJmuiden aan Zee: Livesteam Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Julianadorp: Weather view of Meteo-Julianadorp
  Webcam Netherlands, Kats: Colijnsplaat Kats
  Webcam Netherlands, Katwijk aan Zee: Livestream Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Katwijk aan Zee: Livesteam Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Lauwersoog: Ferry Terminal
  Webcam Netherlands, Leeuwarden: Oldehove
  Webcam Netherlands, Lemmer: HD Livestream Binnenhaven
  Webcam Netherlands, Lochem: N332, Lochem
  Webcam Netherlands, Lochem: N346 Landbouwpasseerhaven
  Webcam Netherlands, Losser: Meteo Losser
  Webcam Netherlands, Lottum: Mobile Home Park Lottum
  Webcam Netherlands, Maastricht: Meteo Maastricht
  Webcam Netherlands, Nes (Ameland): Ferry Terminal
  Webcam Netherlands, Nieuw-Weerdinge: Landscape View
  Webcam Netherlands, Nieuwvliet-Bad: Beach Panorama
  Webcam Netherlands, Nijkerk: N301 Nijkerk
  Webcam Netherlands, Nijmegen: Waalkade Nijmegen
  Webcam Netherlands, Noordwijk: Noordwijk Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Oentsjerk: Oentsjerk Weather Cam
  Webcam Netherlands, Oostkapelle: Beach of Oostkapelle
  Webcam Netherlands, Oostvoorne: Livesteam Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Ouddorp: Beach Panorama at the Brouwersdam
  Webcam Netherlands, Oudeschild (Texel): Port of Oudeschild
  Webcam Netherlands, Petten aan Zee: Recreatiepark De Watersnip
  Webcam Netherlands, Rockanje: Livestream Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Roden: Weathercam Roden, Drenthe
  Webcam Netherlands, Roermond: Roermond Market
  Webcam Netherlands, Scheveningen: Livesteam Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Sibbe: Weathercam
  Webcam Netherlands, Son en Breugel: Weathercam
  Webcam Netherlands, Spankeren: WeatherCam
  Webcam Netherlands, Terschelling: Terschelling NL - Yachting Port
  Webcam Netherlands, Terschelling: Yachting Port Terschelling
  Webcam Netherlands, Tuitjenhorn: Meteo Tuitjenhorn
  Webcam Netherlands, Uden: City View
  Webcam Netherlands, Urk: Port of Urk
  Webcam Netherlands, Varik: Waalpleisterplaats de Bol
  Webcam Netherlands, Veere: City View
  Webcam Netherlands, Velsen-Noord: Strandpaviljoen Timboektoe
  Webcam Netherlands, Vlieland: Port of Vlieland
  Webcam Netherlands, Vlieland: Beach View
  Webcam Netherlands, Vlissingen: Zeegat
  Webcam Netherlands, Vlissingen: WesterscheldeCam
  Webcam Netherlands, Vroomshoop: Vroomshoop Center Bridge
  Webcam Netherlands, Vrouwenpolder: Many Webcams
  Webcam Netherlands, Vrouwenpolder: Strandrestaurant De DAM
  Webcam Netherlands, West-Terschelling: Terschelling Port
  Webcam Netherlands, Westkapelle: Oceanview
  Webcam Netherlands, Wijk aan Zee: Livesteam Aloha Beach
  Webcam Netherlands, Woudsend: Marina
  Webcam Netherlands, Zandvoort: Beach View
  Webcam Netherlands, Zandvoort: Vooges Strand
  Webcam Netherlands, Zierikzee: Livestream Marina
  Webcam Netherlands, Zoutelande: Livestream Town Center
  Webcam Netherlands, Zoutelande: Beach at Zoutelande
  Webcam Netherlands, Zuid-Eierland (Texel): Texel Airport
  Webcam Netherlands, Zutphen: N314 Zutphen
  Webcam Netherlands, Zutphen: N348a Den Eltenweg
  Webcam Netherlands, Zutphen: N348b Den Eltenweg
  Webcam Netherlands, Zutphen: N348g Rondweg De Mars
  Webcam Netherlands Antilles, Bonaire: Lac Bay Surfcam
  Webcam Netherlands Antilles, Jan Thiel, Curaçao: Home Sweet Home Curaçao - Spanish Water View
  Webcam Netherlands Antilles, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten: Princess Juliana Airport, Maho Beach
  Webcam Netherlands Antilles, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten: View over the Beach
  Webcam New Caledonia, Nouméa: Livestream Château Royal
  Webcam New Zealand, Arch Hill: Traffic SH16, Bond Street
  Webcam New Zealand, Auckland: Sky above Auckland
  Webcam New Zealand, Auckland: Viaduct Harbour
  Webcam New Zealand, Auckland: Traffic SH1/16, Central Motorway Junction
  Webcam New Zealand, Beach Haven: Traffic SH18, Upper Harbour
  Webcam New Zealand, Beach Haven: Traffic SH18, Tauhinu Bridge
  Webcam New Zealand, Christchurch: View over Christchurch
  Webcam New Zealand, Drury: Traffic SH1, Slippery Creek
  Webcam New Zealand, Dunedin: Octagon Webcam
  Webcam New Zealand, Dunedin: View over Dunedin
  Webcam New Zealand, Glenfield: Traffic SH1, Tristram Avenue
  Webcam New Zealand, Glenfield: Traffic SH18, Paul Matthews
  Webcam New Zealand, Greenhithe: Traffic SH18, Tauhinu East
  Webcam New Zealand, Greenhithe: Traffic SH18, Greenhithe Road
  Webcam New Zealand, Greenhithe: Traffic SH18, George Deane
  Webcam New Zealand, Greenhithe: Traffic SH18, Wicklam Lane
  Webcam New Zealand, Greenlane: Traffic SH1, Greenlane Road
  Webcam New Zealand, Greymouth: View over Greymouth
  Webcam New Zealand, Hanmer Springs: View over Hanmer Springs
  Webcam New Zealand, Kaikoura: Kaikoura Ranges
  Webcam New Zealand, Kaiteriteri: Kaiteriteri Beach
  Webcam New Zealand, Lyttelton: Lyttelton Harbour, Port of Christchurch
  Webcam New Zealand, Manukau City: Traffic SH1, Rainbows End
  Webcam New Zealand, Manurewa East: Traffic SH1, Alfriston Road
  Webcam New Zealand, Mount Ngauruhoe: Volcano View
  Webcam New Zealand, North Shore: Traffic SH1, Esmonde Road
  Webcam New Zealand, Northcote: Traffic SH1, Onewa Road
  Webcam New Zealand, Orewa: OrewaCam
  Webcam New Zealand, Pahurehure: Traffic SH1, Pahurehure
  Webcam New Zealand, Pahurehure: Traffic SH1, Rushgreen Ave
  Webcam New Zealand, Paihia: Paihia Waterfront
  Webcam New Zealand, Penrose: Traffic SH1, South Eastern Highway
  Webcam New Zealand, Point Chevalier: Traffic SH16, Great North Road
  Webcam New Zealand, Raoul Island: Raoul Island Volcano
  Webcam New Zealand, Ruapehu: Several Views
  Webcam New Zealand, Runciman: Traffic SH1, Park Estate
  Webcam New Zealand, Russell: View over Russell
  Webcam New Zealand, Shelly Park: Shelly Park Weather Station
  Webcam New Zealand, Takanini: Traffic SH1, Takanini
  Webcam New Zealand, Takanini: Traffic SH1, Walter Strevens Drive
  Webcam New Zealand, Takapuna: TakapunaCam
  Webcam New Zealand, Taupo: Lake Taupo
  Webcam New Zealand, Tauranga: Several Webcams
  Webcam New Zealand, Tauranga: View over Tauranga
  Webcam New Zealand, Te Atatu South: Traffic SH16, Te Atatu Road
  Webcam New Zealand, Te Atatu South: Traffic SH16, Lincoln Road
  Webcam New Zealand, Upper Waiwera: Traffic SH1, Johnstone Hill Tunnels
  Webcam New Zealand, Westfield: Traffic SH1, Bairds Road
  Webcam New Zealand, Westlake: Traffic SH1, Northcote Road
  Webcam New Zealand, White Island Volcano: Several Views
  Webcam North Sea, FINO 1: Offshore-Windpark alpha ventus
  Webcam North Sea, FINO 3: Helideck
  Webcam Norway, Åbol: Traffic E18 (Fokserød)
  Webcam Norway, Ålesund: Port of Ålesund
  Webcam Norway, Ålesund: Panorama View
  Webcam Norway, Alta: 360° City Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Amla: Traffic R5 (Kaupanger)
  Webcam Norway, Åsane: Traffic E39 (Vågsbotn)
  Webcam Norway, Åsen: Traffic E6 (Aasen)
  Webcam Norway, Austad: Traffic E6 (Kolomoen)
  Webcam Norway, Balestrand: Sognefjord
  Webcam Norway, Balestrand: Sognefjord
  Webcam Norway, Balestrand: Balestrand and Sognefjorden
  Webcam Norway, Båtsfjord: View over Båtsfjord
  Webcam Norway, Båtsfjord: 360° City Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Beerenberg (Jan Mayen): View of Volcano Beerenberg
  Webcam Norway, Beitostølen: Skiing Area
  Webcam Norway, Bekkelaget: Traffic E6 (Åkersvika)
  Webcam Norway, Bergen: Bergen - Fløyen
  Webcam Norway, Bergen: Torgallmenningen
  Webcam Norway, Bergen: View from Mount Ulriken
  Webcam Norway, Bergen: Danmarksplass
  Webcam Norway, Bergen: Puddefjordsbroen
  Webcam Norway, Bergen: Åsaneveien
  Webcam Norway, Berlevåg: City View
  Webcam Norway, Berlevåg: 360° Port Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Bjorli: Traffic E136 (Brustuglia)
  Webcam Norway, Bjorli: Skisenter
  Webcam Norway, Bjørhusdalen: Traffic E6 (Namsskogan)
  Webcam Norway, Blåflat: Traffic E16 (Ljøsne)
  Webcam Norway, Blålia: Traffic R15 (Måløybrua)
  Webcam Norway, Blålia: Traffic R15 (Måløybrua aust)
  Webcam Norway, Blinde: Traffic F00 (Blindheim)
  Webcam Norway, Bodø: Port of Bodø
  Webcam Norway, Borlo: Traffic E16 (Borlaugkrysset)
  Webcam Norway, Bottheim: Traffic E136 (Lora)
  Webcam Norway, Brunkeberg: Traffic E134 (Brunkeberg)
  Webcam Norway, Bruvoll: Traffic E6 (Snåsa)
  Webcam Norway, Bryne: 360° Panorama Bryne
  Webcam Norway, Buan: Traffic E6 (Berkåk)
  Webcam Norway, Byrkjelo: Traffic F60 (Utvikfjellet)
  Webcam Norway, Bøstølen: Several Views
  Webcam Norway, Bøyum: Traffic R5 (Bøyadalen)
  Webcam Norway, Dale: Traffic E6 (Ingedal)
  Webcam Norway, Davik: Traffic F614 (Langesi)
  Webcam Norway, Eggjareir: Traffic F50 (Vestredalen)
  Webcam Norway, Eidsbugarden: Lake Bygdin
  Webcam Norway, Eikedalen: Eikedalen Skisenter
  Webcam Norway, Eikjelandsdalen: Traffic F42 (Tverrå)
  Webcam Norway, Elgsnes: Elgsnesvågen
  Webcam Norway, Evanger: Traffic E16 (Evanger aust)
  Webcam Norway, Evjen: Traffic E6 (Horg)
  Webcam Norway, Fåberg: Traffic E6 (Fåberg)
  Webcam Norway, Fageråsen: Traffic F188 (Nattlandsfjellet)
  Webcam Norway, Faleide: Traffic R15 (Markane)
  Webcam Norway, Fevik: Fevik Brygge
  Webcam Norway, Finneidet: Traffic F866 (Skattørsund)
  Webcam Norway, Finse: Finse Train Station
  Webcam Norway, Fjere: Traffic R36 (Fjærekilen)
  Webcam Norway, Flåm: Flam Terminal
  Webcam Norway, Flaten: Traffic F30 (Rugldalen)
  Webcam Norway, Flesland: Bergen Lufthavn Flesland
  Webcam Norway, Fokstua: Traffic E6 (Fokstugu)
  Webcam Norway, Forus: Traffic E39 (Forus 1)
  Webcam Norway, Forøysætran: Traffic E10 (Langvassbukt)
  Webcam Norway, Førde: Traffic E39 (Sveio)
  Webcam Norway, Førland: Traffic E39 (Drangsdalen)
  Webcam Norway, Gausel: Traffic E39 (Forus, mot Sandnes)
  Webcam Norway, Gausel: Traffic E39 (Forus, mot Stavanger)
  Webcam Norway, Gautestad: Traffic R111 (Gautestad)
  Webcam Norway, Geilo: Kamera Geilo Lufthavn Dagali
  Webcam Norway, Geiranger: Geirangerfjord Cruise Port
  Webcam Norway, Geiranger: Geirangerfjord Cruise Port
  Webcam Norway, Geiranger: Livestream Geirangerfjord
  Webcam Norway, Gimsøysand: Lofoten Golf Links
  Webcam Norway, Giskemo: Traffic E39 (Ørskogfjellet)
  Webcam Norway, Gjerset: Traffic F17 (Torsvika)
  Webcam Norway, Gorset: Traffic E6 (Oppdal)
  Webcam Norway, Gratangen: Traffic E6 (Øse)
  Webcam Norway, Grinde: Traffic E39 (Aksdal)
  Webcam Norway, Grovastøl: Traffic E134 (Haukeli tunnel)
  Webcam Norway, Gudvangen: Nærøyfjord
  Webcam Norway, Hammerfest: 360° City Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Hamnøy: Lofoten Islands - Reine Area
  Webcam Norway, Hanøya: Traffic E10 (Raftsundet)
  Webcam Norway, Håtvet: Traffic R36 (Ulefoss)
  Webcam Norway, Havøysund: 360° Port Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Helleland: Traffic E39 (Saglandsbakken)
  Webcam Norway, Helleland: Traffic E39 (Saglandsbakken II)
  Webcam Norway, Hellestveit: Traffic F353 (Brumyrdal)
  Webcam Norway, Henningsvær: Port of Henningsvær
  Webcam Norway, Herheim: Traffic E16 (Vinje)
  Webcam Norway, Herjangen: Traffic E10 (Trollvikdal)
  Webcam Norway, Hestnes: Traffic E6 (Espa)
  Webcam Norway, Hillesdal: Traffic F40 (Alsåkernes)
  Webcam Norway, Holdhus: Traffic F7 (Gullbotn)
  Webcam Norway, Holmen: Traffic F101 (Prestebakke)
  Webcam Norway, Holmenkollen: Holmenkollbakken Starthus
  Webcam Norway, Honningsvåg: Honningsvåg By
  Webcam Norway, Honningsvåg: 360° City Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Horr: Traffic R44 (Kvassheim)
  Webcam Norway, Hoset: Traffic F705 (Selbuskogen)
  Webcam Norway, Husum: Traffic E16 (Borgund)
  Webcam Norway, Husum: Traffic E16 (Borgund II)
  Webcam Norway, Høva: Traffic R7 (Nesbyen)
  Webcam Norway, Høvåg: Traffic E18 (Studevann)
  Webcam Norway, Høybakken: Marina
  Webcam Norway, Isbjørnhamna (Spitsbergen): Polish Polar Station Hornsund
  Webcam Norway, Kabelvåg: View over Kabelvåg
  Webcam Norway, Kamøyvær: Port
  Webcam Norway, Kapp Linné (Spitsbergen): Isfjord Radio
  Webcam Norway, Kappfjellia: Traffic E6 (Majavatn)
  Webcam Norway, Kirkenes: View over Kirkenes
  Webcam Norway, Kirkenes: Kirkenes Center
  Webcam Norway, Kirkenes: Panorama onto Kirkenes
  Webcam Norway, Kirkenes: E6 Kirkenes South
  Webcam Norway, Kirkenes: View onto the Bøkfjord
  Webcam Norway, Kirkenes: View onto Kirkenes
  Webcam Norway, Kjøllefjord: Controllable Webcam
  Webcam Norway, Klauvene: Traffic F614 (Grytadalen)
  Webcam Norway, Kleivi: Traffic F7 (Kvamskogen)
  Webcam Norway, Knarrevik: Traffic R555 (Sotrabroen vest)
  Webcam Norway, Komagvær: Traffic E75 (Komagvær)
  Webcam Norway, Kongsvoll: Traffic E6 (Hjerkinn, Grønbakken)
  Webcam Norway, Kråkmoen: Traffic E6 (Kråkmofjellet)
  Webcam Norway, Kristiansund: Several Views
  Webcam Norway, Krokstranda: Traffic E6 (Saltfjellet)
  Webcam Norway, Kydland: Traffic E39 (Buekrossen 1)
  Webcam Norway, Kydland: Traffic E39 (Buekrossen 2)
  Webcam Norway, Landvik: Weathercam
  Webcam Norway, Laukvik: View towards Bø and Litløy
  Webcam Norway, Laukvik: Harbor Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Lavangsnes: Traffic R848 (Fornes)
  Webcam Norway, Leirvik: Traffic E39 (Eikje)
  Webcam Norway, Leivset: Traffic E6 (Tussvika)
  Webcam Norway, Leknes: Town Center
  Webcam Norway, Leknes: View from the Town Hall
  Webcam Norway, Lierskogen: Traffic F32 (Kikut)
  Webcam Norway, Liland: Traffic F86 (Andsvatnet)
  Webcam Norway, Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen): 360°-Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen): Longyearbyen Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen): 360° Port of Longyearbyen
  Webcam Norway, Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen): Adventtoppen
  Webcam Norway, Luktvatnet: Traffic E6 (Korgenfjellet)
  Webcam Norway, Lundeby: Traffic E18 (Melleby)
  Webcam Norway, Måløy: View onto Måløy
  Webcam Norway, Maråk: Traffic R15 (Breiddalen)
  Webcam Norway, Marstein: Traffic E136 (Horgheim)
  Webcam Norway, Mathopen: Traffic F557 (Bjørgeveien)
  Webcam Norway, Matre: Traffic F381 (Stordalen)
  Webcam Norway, Maurset: Traffic R7 (Dyranut)
  Webcam Norway, Mehammar: Traffic E39 (Mehammar)
  Webcam Norway, Mehamn: View of Mehamn
  Webcam Norway, Mehamn: 360° Port Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Mehus: Traffic R7 (Kvisla)
  Webcam Norway, Midskogberget: Traffic R25 (Midtskogberget)
  Webcam Norway, Moen: Traffic E14 (Meådal)
  Webcam Norway, Moskenes: Port of Moskenes
  Webcam Norway, Myrland: Traffic E6 (Langfjordbotn)
  Webcam Norway, Mørstad: Traffic R3 (Rena)
  Webcam Norway, Narvik: View of the Port
  Webcam Norway, Nauen: Traffic E18 (Gulli nord)
  Webcam Norway, Nordvik: Traffic R80 (Nordvika)
  Webcam Norway, Norheimsund: Marina Nordheimsund
  Webcam Norway, North Cape: 360° Panorama from the Nordkapphall
  Webcam Norway, North Cape: Traffic E69 at the North Cape
  Webcam Norway, Ny-Ålesund (Spitsbergen): Hamnerabben Airport
  Webcam Norway, Ny-Ålesund (Spitsbergen): Panorama onto Ny-Ålesund
  Webcam Norway, Nygård: Traffic E39 (Fjøsangerveien)
  Webcam Norway, Nygård: Traffic E39 (Fjøsangerveien 2)
  Webcam Norway, Nørdstebø: Traffic F40 (Dagali)
  Webcam Norway, Osbakk: Traffic F813 (Beiarfjellet)
  Webcam Norway, Oslo: Oslo Harbor
  Webcam Norway, Oslo: Oslo Airport
  Webcam Norway, Oslo: View over Oslo
  Webcam Norway, Paulen, Flekkerøy: Weather in Paulen, Flekkerøy
  Webcam Norway, Råde: Traffic E6 (Karlshus)
  Webcam Norway, Rekeland: Traffic F44 (Sælebø)
  Webcam Norway, Rena: Sorknes Golf Hole #17
  Webcam Norway, Romarheim: Traffic E39 (Romarheimsdalen)
  Webcam Norway, Rotvollen: Traffic F705 (Langsvola)
  Webcam Norway, Røyken: Kjekstad Golf Club
  Webcam Norway, Sandane: Gloppefjord
  Webcam Norway, Sande: Traffic E18 (Hanekleiva)
  Webcam Norway, Sandvika: Traffic F72 (Innsmoen)
  Webcam Norway, Seierstad: Traffic E18 (Vestmarka)
  Webcam Norway, Senjahopen: 180° Panorama Senjahopen
  Webcam Norway, Senneset: Traffic E39 (Aarbergsdalen)
  Webcam Norway, Skarsvåg: Panorama View
  Webcam Norway, Skinnelv: Traffic E6 (Nordnes)
  Webcam Norway, Skjervøy: Port Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Skjold: Traffic R580 (Lagunen)
  Webcam Norway, Skjold: Traffic R580 (Lagunen II)
  Webcam Norway, Skomakareidet: Traffic F866 (Maursund)
  Webcam Norway, Sletto: Traffic R52 (Bjøberg)
  Webcam Norway, Sletto: Traffic R52 (Bjøberg II)
  Webcam Norway, Smestad: Traffic E16 (Sollihøgda)
  Webcam Norway, Solbakken: Traffic F84 (Gumpen)
  Webcam Norway, Son: Traffic E6 (Sonsveien)
  Webcam Norway, Sortland: Panorama View
  Webcam Norway, Spanstind: Landscape View
  Webcam Norway, Spjelkavik: Traffic E39 (Brusdalen II)
  Webcam Norway, Stavanger: Port of Stavanger
  Webcam Norway, Stavern: Port of Stavern
  Webcam Norway, Steinsbø: Traffic F542 (Bremnes)
  Webcam Norway, Steinsland: Traffic E10 (Tjeldsund bru øst)
  Webcam Norway, Stokmarknes: Nordlandssykehuset Vesterålen
  Webcam Norway, Støa: Traffic R3 (Kvikneskogen)
  Webcam Norway, Svanåsen: Traffic R3 (Svingen)
  Webcam Norway, Svartdal: Traffic E134 (Ambjørndalen)
  Webcam Norway, Svarthomle: Traffic R5 (Svarthumle)
  Webcam Norway, Svidalen: Traffic R5 (Frudalen)
  Webcam Norway, Svolvær: Port of Svolvær
  Webcam Norway, Sykkylven: Panorama View
  Webcam Norway, Sørstraumen: Sørstraumen Brua
  Webcam Norway, Teiterud: Traffic R4 (Lygna)
  Webcam Norway, Tevldalen: Traffic E14 (Teveldal)
  Webcam Norway, Tjore: Traffic E18 (Inntjoreheia)
  Webcam Norway, Tranby: Tranby Weather Station
  Webcam Norway, Tromsø: View onto Tromsø
  Webcam Norway, Tromsø: 360° Panorama A-Floya
  Webcam Norway, Tromsø: Livestream Port
  Webcam Norway, Tromsø: Livestream Breivika
  Webcam Norway, Trondheim: Port of Trondheim
  Webcam Norway, Trosby: Traffic E18 (Stokkebakken)
  Webcam Norway, Trysil: Toppekspressen
  Webcam Norway, Trælland: Traffic F57 (Marås)
  Webcam Norway, Trønnes: Traffic R3 (Koppang)
  Webcam Norway, Tveitereid: Traffic E18 (Farsjø)
  Webcam Norway, Tønsberg: Ollebukta
  Webcam Norway, Tønsberg: Tønsberg Brygge
  Webcam Norway, Tønsberg: Verdens Ende
  Webcam Norway, Vadsø: Port of Vadsø
  Webcam Norway, Vadsø: Vadsø Torg
  Webcam Norway, Vadsø: 360° City Panorama
  Webcam Norway, Vardø: 360° Panorama Port of Vardø
  Webcam Norway, Vassenden: Traffic E39 (Vassenden)
  Webcam Norway, Vikersund: Ski Jumping Vikersund
  Webcam Norway, Vikersund: Ski Jumping Hill
  Webcam Norway, Voss: Bavallen
  Webcam Norway, Voss: Slettafjellet
  Webcam Norway, Østby: Traffic R35 (Romeriksåsen)
  Webcam Norway, Østerholt: Traffic E18 (Østerholtheia)
  Webcam Norway, Øvstebø: Traffic F165 (Bontveit)
  Webcam Norway, Øye: Traffic E16 (Filefjell)
  Webcam Norway, Øye: Traffic F53 (Tyinosen)
  Webcam Norwegian Cruise Line, Norwegian Breakaway: Live at Sea
  Webcam Norwegian Cruise Line, Norwegian Jewel: Live at Sea
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