All Webcams in Anchorage, Alaska in an Overview

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Downtown Anchorage - An excellent panorama view over the skyline of downtown Anchorage in northwesterly direction. Visible in the background are Cook Inlet and the Knick Arm - on clear days even Mount McKinley at a distance of almost 150 miles.

Downtown Anchorage

Operator: Borealis Broadband
Downtown East - Located on the Sheraton Hotel Anchorage, this camera points east toward the mountains. The inbound car traffic on the left is 5th Avenue and the outbound car traffic on the right is 6th Avenue.

Downtown East

Operator: Borealis Broadband
Glenn Highway Weigh Station - This camera is located approximately eight miles from Anchorage at the Glenn Highway Weigh Station, pointed west, toward Anchorage. Visible is the inbound ramp to the weigh station and the Glenn Highway.

Glenn Highway Weigh Station

Operator: Borealis Broadband
Potter Marsh Weigh Station - This camera is located at the opposite end of Anchorage, at the Potter Marsh Weigh Station. This weigh station is about four miles south of Anchorage on the New Seward highway. Visible is the inbound ramp to the scales and the New Seward Highway.

Potter Marsh Weigh Station

Operator: Borealis Broadband
Midtown Anchorage - This camera is located on the Denali Towers North building and is pointed South-East. The large single-story tan structure in the center is the Sears Mall. The single-story building complex at the center left is the Fred Meyer shopping mall.

Midtown Anchorage

Operator: Borealis Broadband