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Webcam Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi

Current Local Time in Abu Dhabi: 09:25 - There is currently daylight (Sunrise: 06:12 - Sunset: 18:15) - Astronomical Data
Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi - A view from the Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi.

Webcam Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi 58 minutes ago
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This webcam was added on May 4, 2012 and is operated by Starwood Hotels. It got 20595 visitors since then. Shouldn't this webcam work or should the link be wrong please report that here. You can add this webcam here to myCams.

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Beaches:Shāţi’ Hīltawniyā, Shāţi’ as Sayyidāt
Capes:Ra’s al Ghurāb
Housing Developments:Al-Yasat Complex
Islands:Mushayrib, Jazīrat Abū Z̧aby, Al Ḩudayriyāt, Saadiyat Island, Jazīrat Umm Yafīnah, Jazīrat as Sa‘dīyāt, Abū as Sayāyīf, Bū Kurūh, Jazīrat al Jubayl, Ḩayl, Al Fuţaysī, Umm an Nār, Jazīrat Ramḩān, Jazīrat as Sammālīyah, Ḩālat al Baḩrānī, Yusrah Fāhid, Camp Island, Jazīrat Bil Ghaylam, Jazīrat al Lu’lu’, Jazīrat aş Şuwwah, Jazīrat Bū ash Sha‘ūm
Parks:Ḩadīqat al Mushrif lil Aţfāl, Ḩadīqat al Khubayrah, Muntazah ash Shāţi’, Ḩadīqat al Ghāf, Ḩadīqat al Maţār al Qadīm, Muntazah ash Shaykh Khalīfah, Ḩadīqat al ‘Āşimah, Ḩadīqat al Mīnā’, Ḩadīqat at Turāth, Al Ḩadīqah al Markazīyah, Ḩadīqat al Khālidīyah, Al Ḩadīqah al ‘Āmmah, Ḩadīqat al Khālidīyah lil Aţfāl
Ports:Mīnā’ Zāyid
Points:Ra’s Abū Z̧aby, Ra’s Laffān, Ra’s al Baţīn, Ra’s as Sammālīyah, Ra’s as Sa‘dīyāt
(Source: GeoNames)
The current weather conditions and weather forecast for Abu Dhabi in in cooperation with
30° / 35°C
(86° / 95°F)
36° / 37°C
(97° / 99°F)
33° / 34°C
(91° / 93°F)
30° / 32°C
(86° / 90°F)
29° / 34°C
(84° / 93°F)
36° / 38°C
(97° / 100°F)
33° / 34°C
(91° / 93°F)
31° / 32°C
(88° / 90°F)
In 2 Days:
30° / 35°C
(86° / 95°F)
37° / 38°C
(99° / 100°F)
32° / 34°C
(90° / 93°F)
30° / 31°C
(86° / 88°F)
This webcam with the motive 'Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi' is located in Abu Dhabi and operated by Starwood Hotels.

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