Webcams in the Region of Le Pastinelle, Italy

Current local time in Le Pastinelle: 05:35 - there is still night.

Webcams in the region of Le Pastinelle:

Pozzilli - 9.6 mi
Italy - Pozzilli: Pozzilli - Piazza - from Le Pastinelle 9.6 mi away.
Filignano - 9.9 mi
Italy - Filignano, 9.9 mi: Filignano - Piazza: Filignano is an Italian town of 626 inhabitants in the province of Isernia in Molise. It is located 11 km from Venafro and 30 km from Isernia.
Sant'Agapito - 18 mi
Italy - Sant'Agapito, 18 mi: View over Sant'Agapito: The name derives from a Christian martyr, Agapito, to whom the church was dedicated around which the original urban nucleus developed; from Sanctum Agapitum it became Santa Capiata in 1516.
Isernia - 19.5 mi
Italy - Isernia, 19.5 mi: Isernia - North Entrance: Isernia is an Italian town of 21,624 inhabitants in Molise. Among the first documented Paleolithic settlements of Europe, in ancient times it was a thriving Samnite city, capital of the Italic League and later a Roman Municipium.
Opi - 20.6 mi
Italy - Opi: Piazza Centrale - from Le Pastinelle 20.6 mi away.
Isola del Liri - 21 mi
Italy - Isola del Liri, 21 mi: Meteoliri: A panorama view of the Monti Ernici Orientali.
Pettoranello del Molise - 21.4 mi
Italy - Pettoranello del Molise, 21.4 mi: Webcam Piazza: A view of the Piazza Marconi and Chiesa Parrocchiale in Pettoranello del Molise.
Pettoranello del Molise - 21.4 mi
Italy - Pettoranello del Molise, 21.4 mi: Piazza Marconi: A view of the Piazza Marconi in Pettoranello del Molise.
Miranda - 21.8 mi
Italy - Miranda: Piazza 'La Fonte' di Miranda - from Le Pastinelle 21.8 mi away.
Pescasseroli - 23 mi
Italy - Pescasseroli, 23 mi: Two Views: Two views of Pescasseroli, L'Aquila.

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