All Webcams in Wuppertal in an Overview

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Monorail - View of the monorail station Wuppertal, Elberfeld, Döppersberg.


Operator: Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal
Bus Station - View of the bus station and the Schwebebahn station Döppersberg.

Bus Station

Operator: TAL TV
Wuppertaler Schwebebahn - A view of the turning point of the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn at the Berliner Platz Oberbarmen.

Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

Operator: TalTV
Barmenia-Webcam - A nice panorama view over the city of Wuppertal from the rooftop of the Barmenia Headquarters.


Operator: Barmenia Versicherungen
WeatherCam Wuppertal-Barmen - The camera faces east, towards Langerfeld, and updates during daylight.

WeatherCam Wuppertal-Barmen

Operator: Das Wetter in Wuppertal - Barmen
Central Station - A view of the central station in Wuppertal.

Central Station

Operator: TAL TV
Bundesallee/Morianstrasse - View of the intersection of the Bundesallee and Morianstraße.


Operator: TAL TV
St. Laurentius Kirche - St. Laurentius church in Wuppertal Elberfeld.

St. Laurentius Kirche

Operator: TAL TV